Community Recreation Office

The Community Recreation Office is located in Building 96 (Graffiti's) and offers information, tickets and travel services, as well as sign-ups for MWR trips and tickets for MWR/NSA Souda Bay big events and parties, among others.

The office provides information about everything from MWR to local culture and happenings - we have the answer for every question when it comes to advice, suggestions, and directions on what to do with your spare time in Crete and how to take advantage of the island to the fullest!

Services Offered

  • MWR & NSA Souda Bay information, directions and maps
  • Crete island information, directions and maps
  • Sign up for MWR trips
  • Tickets for MWR/NSA big events and parties
  • Utilities bill paying service
  • Day/Overnight/Weekend Trips
  • Custom trips
  • Greek Language Classes


Kriti Info is the part of MWR that organizes our special events and parties featuring lots of games and prizes. In addition, Kriti Info communicates directly with Armed Forces Entertainment and Navy Entertainment and brings us some amazing performers here in Souda Bay. Throughout the years, we've had all kinds of shows that were always the "talk of the town":

  • Live Band Shows/Concerts
  • Comedy Shows
  • Magician/Hypnotist Shows
  • Fitness Experts Shows
  • MMA/UFC Shows
  • Cooking/Chef Shows
  • Cheerleader Shows

.....and more!


Saturday, February 23, 2019


Community Recreation Brewery Trip

NSA Souda Bay
Bldg. 96
Hania, Crete

Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Community Recreation Greek Conversational Classes

Community Recreation Office

This event repeats every week on Wednesday