Thank you for taking the time to consider partnering with the Naval Support Activity Souda Bay MWR Commercial Sponsorship & Advertising Program! 

Our program encompasses more than 1,000 people who are permanently assigned in Souda Bay, including both U.S. and Greek military personnel, DoD civilian employees and family members. Our audience also extends to reservists, retirees, visitng NATO ship personnel, visiting Air Force crew members, and hundreds of various authorized base visitors each month.

MWR provides an expansive number of outstanding support and leisure services worldwide by offering a wide range of programs, events and services that are designed to meet the recreational and social needs of our customers and improve the quality of life for our sailors and their families. 

 If you choose to partner with us you will maximize your exposure and suit your company’s promotional needs through a wide spectrum of options, available either through Commercial Sponsorship or Advertising.  

What is Commercial Sponsorship?

Commercial business and other non-federal organizations are given the opportunity to conduct commercial sponsorship (event marketing) at MWR events and programs on board the installation. Sponsors, by entering into a negotiated agreement with MWR, and by paying a monetary and/or in-kind fee will receive access to MWR patrons, receive public recognitions and be associated with the sponsored event.
Commercial Sponsorship is not philanthropy, a donation or a form of a gift, but rather, a business-based exchange of value. Assets generated through commercial sponsorship are used by MWR to enhance events and otherwise offer programming that would not be possible without sponsorship support. 

What is Advertising?

The Navy’s MWR Advertising Program generates revenue for Naval Support Activity Souda Bay’s military community through MWR activities and programs. MWR Advertisers are guaranteed promotion of their products, services and businesses within the military community.

How to advertise* with MWR? 

Our Website: https://www.navymwrsb.com 
The Souda Bay MWR website is the gateway for everything MWR. We provide and update all of our activities, programs and events daily. With over 5,000 hits every month, the official Souda Bay MWR is a great place to have your business recognized!

Our Monthly Newsletter 
Our base newsletter, “discover”, is a monthly publication that gets printed and distributed throughout the base at Mouzouras and at Marathi pier K14 for visiting ships. Every month we print and distribute 200 copies to key locations in all our facilities, and we send the 
newsletter electronically to 500+ people on base. We offer up to five (5) different sizes for you to choose from.

Our Digital Signage Solutions
Naval Support Activity Souda Bay’s MWR facilities currently have a total of eight (8) 32” flat screen TV sets throughout the facilities, with plans to expand to a total of ten (10) TV sets. All our TV sets support photo & video playback with a minimum of 10 seconds per ad slide.

Our Print Media Solutions
Showcase your brand, product or service in a variety of high-traffic locations throughout MWR that see foot traffic of more than 200 patrons per day. Our advertising opportunities allow you to utilize our upright x-banners and put them in high-visibility areas in our facilities!

*Advertiser must provide artwork - call us for more details.

Become a partner today!

Use the power of Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising to obtain direct access to the military market and associate yourself with the NSA Souda Bay community.

We are looking forward to working with you as a partner in providing quality MWR programs and activities to Naval Support Activity Souda Bay as well as helping your business grow!g your business grow!