Community Recreation Outdoor Adventure Center

Located in Building 61, next to the softball field, the MWR Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC) offers world class sea kayaking, caving, hiking, biking, camping, cycling, snorkeling, and more . . . everything you need to take advantage of the island’s natural attributes. 

OAC also offers other activities regularly, either on daily or overnight trips. 

Rental gear for everything from tents to coolers is available at low prices!

Services Offered


Explore the gorgeous landscapes of the Cretan coastline from a different angle: by Sea Kayak!
The OAC offers day and overnight trips with camping. We also provide lessons for beginner and advanced kayaking techniques. Kayak rentals, including car top racks, are available provided that renters meet specific skill requirements. 
This is one of the most unique and exciting ways to take a good look at Crete!


Dreaming of a relaxing weekend in the great outdoors? Then camping is the answer! 
Spend the day lazing at the beach or exploring an interesting site, then enjoy a refreshing overnight slumber surrounded by Crete’s truly breathtaking scenery.
We take you to full facility campgrounds and provide all the camping equipment. 
A great opportunity to get away!


A biker’s dream come true! 
Imagine 20 miles of down hill cycling through Crete’s spectacular country side, only to arrive at a gorgeous southern beach. This is just one of the many exciting biking trips you will experience with us. 
We supply the bikes and uphill transportation!


Our Climbing Program provides the unique opportunity to learn basic skills while seeing some of Crete’s most beautiful locales. Climbing can be combined with camping, biking, kayaking and other activities to maximize your enjoyment!


Explore Crete from the inside out with Caving! From mild to extreme, Crete has more caves than you could ever visit. Small group size and expert guidance by our staff assure that you have a fun yet ultra-safe experience. 
Be prepared to get wet, dirty and spectacularly impressed! This is a guaranteed memorable experience!

Hiking/Gorge Trips

The vast White Mountains of Crete are just around the corner and begging to be explored! Winter is perfect for hiking through the luscious Cretan mountains; it’s greener, cooler and ideal for daytrips. Summer is best for exploring Crete’s numerous gorges…..A special treat awaits you at the end of a gorge hike as they all end at lovely beaches for swimming and relaxing.


Snorkeling is a terrific way to enjoy the summer and check out Crete’s underwater action!
We typically bring snorkeling gear on all OAC trips in case a passing beach begs us to hop in! You can also rent gear and explore the sea yourself—we’ll teach you how.


How to dress and what to bring?

If you are unsure of what’s appropriate, stop by the Outdoor Adventure Center or call us at ext. 1355. We’ll give you the low down on appropriate essential gear for our trips or for an excursion you’re planning yourself.

Customized Trips

Need help in setting up a trip or have a destination in mind but no way to get there? Bring six more people and OAC will make it happen! 
Don’t just dream it, do it! Some limitations apply, please contact the OAC for details.